Whackala | Day 12: Merry Christmas
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Day 12: Merry Christmas

Christmas elves in another procession

So it’s the 25th and as I write this, now back in “real time”, it’s mid-day for me, 6pm in Ireland, and I have been finishing and tidying up my posts before uploading them; I’m anxious to do it soon and share our experience with whoever is reading. As a write, more bangers and music are going off around me. Paul is slightly better today and going through lenses and camera tests with Alicia. I’m going to start editing in a short while; I’ve never been able to start so quickly for a documentary before, but we need to start putting it together, even if loosely, to see if we need material that we hadn’t planned for. We have to film everything we want before we go, there will be no, popping in for extra takes and material for a year, like we were able to do with City Wild

 It’s an unusual Christmas, it’s quiet -at least in the house- relaxed and unceremonious, we’ll make something simple to eat -we don’t want to torture Paul either!- and carry on working slowly, as I think of what might be happening in Spain or Ireland at this time, which are the ones I can picture, but wherever you are and whether you’re celebrating or not, we wish you the best from here, with trumpets and percussion in the distance, singing cockerels and icky bellies; have a very merry one.