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NanaRocks laurels

A family film about a high blood sugar attack, a house turned upside down and a cross-country trip on a mobility scooter.

The Story

Nana is cared for by her two granddaughters. She enjoys Rachel’s disrupting visits the most and has come to take Rosie’s hard-working quiet nature for granted. When Rosie falls ill, and Rachel only manages a quick drive by visit, Nana has no food and a broken telly. Moved by seeing the last Tupperware meal left by Rosie, Nana embarks on an epic cross-country journey on her mobility scooter.

Cast and Crew




Director of Photography

1st Camera Assistant


Camera intern

Sound recordist

Production Designer

Hair & Make-up




Sound Design and Mix

Thanks to





Writer & Director

Maeve Leonard

Ella Maria Carmen

Karen Healy

Jaro Waldeck

Jakub Bajerski

Eoghan Hand

Robert O’Doherty

Padraig Ryan 

Ani Davtyan

Avelina Mooney 

Natasa Paulberg

Padraig Ryan

West One Music

Keith Alexander

Emer Jackson

Ciaran Cullen

Bobby Moloney

Paul McGrath

Leticia Agudo & Bobby Moloney

Leticia Agudo

#NanaRocks poster