Squinky and the Witch
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Whackala,animation,irish film
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Squinky and the Witch

The Story

Una is only a learner witch and her magic works so much better when she has your help. Can you heelp Squinky Squirrel & Una make a cake with their friend Shy Sheep?

Cast and Crew

Voice Actress

Created by

Directed by

Produced by

Character Designs

Screenplay by

Music and Additional Sound Design

Sound Post

Doireann Ni Chorragain

Paul McGrath & Leticia Agudo

Paul McGrath

Leticia Agudo

Anna Chambers

Leticia Agudo

Nicky Coghlan

Lime Street Sound

Voice ActressDoireann Ni Chorragain

Created byPaul McGrath & Leticia Agudo

Directed byPaul McGrath

Produced byLeticia Agudo

Character DesignsAnna Chambers

Screenplay byLeticia Agudo

Music and Additional Sound DesignNicky Coghlan

Sound PostLime Street Sound