Films that Matter
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Films that Matter

Aside from documentaries, films and animations that either come out of our heads (most of the time) or from real people, places and things that interest us, every so often we will be asked to make a video for a particular cause or campaign. We are very happy to do them when we agree with the cause and feel strongly about it ourselves. This is our way to use our skills for change when we can.


We have also made a couple of videos for organisations like the Rehabilitation Centre at the National Council of the Blind of Ireland, which we couldn’t quite call corporate, but projects we’ll do for clients whose work we like.


Those are private, I’m afraid, but we can show you these, that we’re very proud of and are for very important campaigns in Ireland:

Parents for Equality

During the 2015 Marriage Equality Referendum campaign in Ireland, Whackala produced a video on behalf of the Yes campaign, which I’m sure you know, won! The result is that the constitution in Ireland has been changed in relation to marriage  to include same sex couples. Pretty big, eh? Needless to say, our little video was a small contribution to a massive national and international effort.

Directed By: Paul McGrath

Edited By: Bobby Moloney

Camera By: Paul McGrath & Yvette Kelly

Sound recording by: Bobby Moloney

Abortion Pill Train

Whackala produced a short documentary on behalf of ROSA (for Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism & Austerity) who re-enacted the Contraceptive Train (Dublin-Belfast) of the 1970’s, in support of reproductive rights.

  • Directed By: Paul McGrath & Leticia Agudo
  • Edited By: Leticia Agudo
  • Camera & Sound By: Paul McGrath, Holly Sheridan, Leticia Agudo and David Wolfe
  • Song: “Together” by Analog Heart