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The Story

In an idyllic island school, the games the students play form part of the principal’s sinister control of the adults.

This teaser was supported by SDGI, Arri, Teach Solais, 24/7 Drama and Bow St.

Cast and Crew


Ms Cavil


Produced by

Directed by

Screenplay by


Focus Puller

Camera Assistant


Sound Recordist

Production Designer

Hair & Makeup

Production Assistant

1st AD

Stills Photographer

Edited by

Sound Edit and Mix


Our Thanks to

Roisin O’Donovan

Kelly Campbell

Eliska Gorman

Paul McGrath & Bobby Moloney

Leticia Agudo

Leticia Agudo & Bobby Moloney

Jaro Waldeck

Declan Smiddy

JP Quill

Graham Coogan

Glenn Kaufmann

Jennifer Keane

Rebecca Mulligan

Alan Breslin

Klara Jichova

Niamh Cummins

Stefan Waldeck

Leticia Agudo

Keith Alexander

Paul McGrath

The Staff and Students of Dominican College, Wicklow


24/7 Drama

Teach Solais

Jodie McKeon

SarahRoisin O’Donovan

Ms CavilKelly Campbell

EliskaEliska Gorman

Produced byPaul McGrath & Bobby Moloney

Directed byLeticia Agudo

Screenplay byLeticia Agudo & Bobby Moloney

DOPJaro Waldeck

Focus PullerDeclan Smiddy

Camera AssistantJP Quill

GafferGraham Coogan

Sound RecordistGlenn Kaufmann

Production DesignerJennifer Keane

Hair & MakeupRebecca Mulligan

Production Assistants – Alan Breslin and Klara Jichova

1st ADNiamh Cummins

Stills PhotographerStefan Waldeck

Edited byLeticia Agudo

Sound Edit and MixKeith Alexander

VFXPaul McGrath

Our Thanks to

The Staff and Students of Dominican College, Wicklow


24/7 Drama

Teach Solais

Jodie McKeon