Day five: off to Simojovel!
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Day five: off to Simojovel!

Day five: off to Simojovel!

Mug shot

Buenos días,

Just a quick entry to say bye for now, we´re heading to Simojovel, the “municipal head” of the region by the same name, as they call them here, which will be our base for going into the mines and for filming two of the mining families and some of the small merchants and amber artisans. We’ll be there until Saturday or Sunday depending on how we get on, and we’ll probably have to come back after Christmas, as there are a couple of scenes we want to capture that we won’t be able to do now.

I don`t know whether i´ll be able to post from there, but i´ll write and save my musings to post on our return to San Cristóbal.

Bye for now, here we go… I am nervous…