New short doc in the making and other news
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New short doc in the making and other news

New short doc in the making and other news

Well, hello, we’ve been very quiet since Christmas -ah those long distant holidays!- and we have been working non stop to:

1. Build the new website, Facebook page and pre-produce for our new short documentary CITY WILD. Why so much work and bells and whistles at this time, you may ask? Because we want to raise the minimum necessary budget to shoot a super film with your help and input! That’s right, we’re building our first crowd funding campaign. If you want to know more about the project, do visit our shiny new windows.

2. Leticia has also been involved in project managing a photo shoot with the swimmers from the 11 O’Clock Club in Forty Foot to make a charity calendar in aid of the Irish Cancer Society for 2012. They’re shooting in two weeks! And the photos are not au naturel -that’s old news, give us a little credit!- but 1950s humorous glamour -with swimsuits, of course and with the Forty Foot as the background, of course. You can follow the updates for that here.

3. Paul has been working on the animation series I’m A Monster by Strandlooper and Monster Distributes.

Plus, the other projects are being developed too -breathe, breathe… but hey, we’ve got a shiny new¬†website for the new doc; this one was starting to look a bit clunky in comparison, so we’ve added a page about the directors and we’ve finally added some more projects to our films’ page.

Buenas noches a todos…