After “After the Revolution”…
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After “After the Revolution”…

After “After the Revolution”…

Whackala’s revolutionaries have just done a little tour of Ireland, sreening in Galway, Dublin and Belfast as part of the Latin America Week, organised by Lasc.

Paul and Leticia were able to attend the screenings in Dublin and at the historic and stunning Northern Ireland Parliament building at Stormont, Belfast. They were both great events, really well attended and with very passionate audiences! In Belfast, there was a large Latin American contingent in the audience and it was great to hear them laugh and react at the little gestures and expressions from the subjects featured in the film.

The filmmakers are delighted at the film’s great reception and at the audience’s reaction to it and engagement with the issues, stories and people featured in the documentary -what is a filmmaker without an audience’s reaction???

Here’s a selection of pictures from both events. In Dublin it was held at the Irish Aid Centre.

There’s more info on the events’ organisers and more pictures at the After the Revolution site.

Pues sí, comadres y compadres, ¡que viva la revolución!


The audience in Dublin at the Irish Aid Centre

The Q&A

The post-screening Q&A

The Long Gallery at Stormont

Ready for the screening