Whackala Needs You….
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Whackala Needs You….

Whackala Needs You….

Our first animation series Squinky and the Witch is currently in Animation Magazines Pitch Party 09. If we win we get to pitch our project to the judge of our choice; all the judges are big names in the animation industry and getting some time with one of them would really help get our project off the ground.


So that’s where you come in, we need your votes. Follow the link┬áto the pitch party page ( we’re about three quarters down the page) and tick on the box below our add and then click submit at the bottom of the page.

The Winner will be announced on June the 26th, so you only have a short window to tell everyone you know to vote for us, so get to it.

Thanks for your vote.

VOTE for Squinky and the Witch, you know you want to.