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So, what is Whackala…? Well, in its original Mexican Spanish spelling (guacala) it means “yikes!” but we’re not going to show you anything gross here.

We picked the name when we founded the company in 2006 to focus on our first project, the award winning documentary “After the Revolution”, which is, in a nutshell, about Mexican revolutionary indigenous women, made in co-production with Spain’s Canal Sur TV.


Who are Whackala? Well, the main two people you can blame are Leticia Agudo & Paul McGrath who founded the company to combine their separate experiences in producing and directing fiction, documentary and animation, and let’s be frank, because they quite liked each other, so -not advised by some- they threw all their eggs into one basket and mixed the personal and the professional into one big pot and … yes … Whackala?

Where is Whackala? Our base is in Dublin, Ireland. One of the founders is an Irish native and one is from Spain, together we make a natural European co-production and we’re open to more from different countries.


Want to know more about us and the other members of out team? Check out The Culprits

So… what do they do again…?

Whackala… We Make Films.