Whackala at MIPCOM 2010
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Whackala at MIPCOM 2010

Whackala at MIPCOM 2010

Whackala is going to be attending what they call “the world’s entertainment content market” for the first time in a couple of weeks. MIPCOM takes place in Cannes on 4-8 of October, but we can assure you it’ll mean a lot less glamour and considerably a lot more running around than the famous film festival: a sea of suits, a lot of coffee, a lot of deals -hopefully- and nectes -as they call in Mexico networking contacts, but there will also be meetings by the sea and in yachts (!), discovering of great potential new colleagues and exciting ideas, and, of course, a cocktail party or two.

Whackala was accepted to be part of the MEDIA Umbrella Stand, with up to two hundred other independent European producers and also distributors. We’ll be focusing on our animation slate and are taking three projects to find co-production, finance and distributors:

Our already familiar magical preschool duo Squinky and The Witch:

Our new series in development Crime Fighting Foley Monkeys:

And also in development, our musical alphabet show in Spanish and English The Whacky Alphabet:

So, if you’re going too, and want to hear more about these, or simply meet up for one of those many coffees -or a cocktail!- and a chat, drop us a line: hello[at]whackala.com

If you’re registered, you can read more about these projects and us in the mipcom online database.