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Whackala will be on the Stuart Lawler podcast

Earlier in the year Leticia and I had the great privilege to work on a short promo for the NCBI Rehabilitation Training Centre in Drumcondra, Dublin. Since then, we have kept in touch with the manager of the training center, Stuart Lawler (he is truly a man of many talents). He recently interviewed Whackala (that’s us!) for his next podcast¬†at www.stuartlawler.ie check out his previous podcasts, and his latest one.

If you’re a Stuart Lawler listener and have come to Whackala.com to have a look round, hello and welcome. I must apologize to anyone using jaws software, I’m a terrible speller so your computer isn’t about to crash, it’s just my bad spelling.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out stuartlawler.ie if you haven’t already.